Saturday, June 27, 2009

YOT Knowledge Sharing Session @ SMART Telecom

Hmm, what an experience for me to join SMART Telecom "Young On Top" knowledge sharing session the other day...

I wasn't feeling well since the night before, but i just had to be there (i was excited) to share what i have and to answer questions and doubts they have with regards on 'is it really possible for everyone to be YOT?'
Glad to be with such an energetic team with Mba Ayu as the team leader, the sharing session began. Soon, there were thousands questions were shot toward me. Ha ha, yea yea, i'm just exagerating here. But seriously, there were great questions...

- Billy's from rich family, got his MBA from USA, no wonder i'm successful; what do i think of that perspective?
- Do I believe in luck? Do i think i am as successful as i am today because of luck?
- How to make someone likes to read books?
- Successful people have to be mean, what do i think?
- Professional (employee) can't be rich,...what do i think?
- After what i've accomplished, do i want to retire young, retire rich?
- What was my dream before i accomplished all this? What is success according to me
- What did i do to earn respect from the 4 team members i led at Nike while i was only a fresh graduate and they were experienced employees that have been working there for more than 5years?

I do hope i've answered all the above questions and doubts and change them all to inspirations. Know what you want to achieve and believe it...always strive to 'get there', and at no time you'll be there.

Meeting with +/-30 members of Logistic Division at their BSD office, was definitely an unforgetable moment for me. They have become my friends, and just what i wrote in my book,...i like to make friends and keep them forever. So, SMART Telecom Logistic Division, you are my friends, let's keep in touch!


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