Tuesday, June 30, 2009

YOT Review Talkshow @ HRC Jakarta

Another unforgetable night i had tonite. I'm glad and relieved that the "YOT" Review Talkshow @ HRC Jakarta went well.

Some came before 6pm, and mostly everyone came at 6.15-6.30pm. I gave my tonite's agenda briefly and called Mr. Vikram, "The Whopper Guy" from Burger King.

What an interesting background Vic has; born in India, went to school in UK, worked as a waiter, then back to India, before moved to Sydney to work for Hyatt Hotel as the F&B Manager, then take a step back to become a Burger King store manager! In 2 years, he then become the Store Operations Director of BK, handling over 200 stores. Got an opportunity to set up BK in Shanghai, he took it! Then later he's promoted to be the Director of Operations & Training BK Asia Pacific, based in Spore. After travelling 3weeks in a month for several years, he decided to get out of his comfort zone and take another step back yet challenging journey, to set up BK in Indonesia. Here he is now,...also starting Dominos Pizza here. I'm sure VIC's 8 Points that he shared all valid and we all can learn from that.

2nd guest speaker was Mr. Agung, "The World's Local Guy". He's the Senior VP of Group Communications HSBC Indonesia. He is trully a Public Relations guy, there's his passion is. Got his Masters from USA, he came back to Indonesia to work in various industries; from brand consulting, to Good Year, to HSBC until now. Knowing where you want to go and focus would be what he believes that everyone has to have in order to succeed. With his humbleness, he said he isn't successful yet. He would feel he is when he starts 'giving back'. Well, Mr. Agung, you are successful because you've shared what you know to all of us here tonite!

Thanks to these two guys, and active audience we had tonite. If the band at HRC Jakarta didn't start playing at 9.30pm, i'm sure the Q&A session would finish at midnite?

Great to have an opportunity to actually chat with everyone attending this talkshow. I got your business cards, and will definitely get to know you guys more in the future. BUT,...when you guys asked me to hold such talkshow once a month, hmm, i'll let IYEC to handle it moving forward, okay?

On this occassion, i'd like to thank JIM Executives, Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, Optik Seis, and Kis 95.1fm Jakarta for their support.

See You ON TOP!

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