Monday, June 29, 2009

Mr. Fauzi Bowo LIKES Young On Top

On Friday May 26, I was invited to appear on 'Apa Kabar Indonesia' on TV ONE as an author of "YOT" together with Melanie Subono, author of "Oooucch", to support Pesta Buku Jakarta (PBJ). The chief of PBJ, Mr. Hikmat, was also there.

Before the shooting, i had a chance to meet with Mr. Fauzi Bowo, Governor of Jakarta. I gave "Young On Top" to him. Surprisingly, a day after that, when he was giving an opening speech for Pesta Buku Jakarta, he mentioned and discussed about my book. He said he was given a book "Young On Top" by the the author, Billy Boen. He had only read 10 pages but he found it very interesting. Unfortunately, the book's 'gone missing'. Perhaps it's being consumed by one of the member of his family; his family likes to read books.

I will send you another copy to your house, Pak. :D


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